Frequently Asked Questions About Safe Time Hosting

Will I be paid for this?

Safe Time does not pay our volunteer hosts. And, our hosts do not charge any rent, to allow the guest to save for a housing deposit. If you agree to have the guest stay beyond the agreed temporary period, you are welcome to work out a rental arrangement.

How would a prospective guest be chosen for me?

When you sign up as a host, we interview you and find our your preferences for a potential guest as regards age, sex, family size and more. If the description of a potential guest is not what you are looking for, we will suggest them to another volunteer host.

How would compatibility be assessed?

First the client would be described to you in detail on the phone and via a written application including references. Next, you would meet the client at a neutral location such as a coffee house. Next, the client would visit your home. At any time in this process you can decline.

What are the legalities, liabilities, formalities?

Initially the arrangement is informal, the same as if you are hosting, say, a friend-of-a-friend as a temporary guest. We will provide a helpful write-up that answers many “what-if” questions. Also, we will suggest that you and the guest sign a simple agreement we provide prior to move-in. If you and the guest wish extend the initial temporary period, you could work out an arrangement for extended stay, either as a guest or even as a tenant.

Will I and my kids and my neighbors be safe?

Your guest will be carefully screened and should be fully compatible and safe. We select clients who are clean, sober, healthy and have no violence in their lives. If any potential guest causes you any concern whatsoever, please wait and select another one.

Are hosts evaluated?

We want to assure that all hosts are safe for the guests. This will be accomplished by an interview and a reference check. For a particularly vulnerable guest, we may ask your permission to obtain a background check.

Am I expected to provide food or anything else?

No, you are not expected to provide anything but shelter. Your guest will have options for food, transportation and spending money. However, you should discuss meals and whether you will eat together, share the kitchen, or if you will require the guest to eat elsewhere.

Can you say more about the possible guests?

Guests will be the kind of people that you have told us that you want to host. Our recent applicants tend to be single females with children, or single females of any age. Note that to be needing our services suggests that an applicant may well have experienced some serious hardships in their lives, and that they may need your understanding and support.

How long is “temporary?”

Your guest will have a plan worked out including a time period. It can often take quite a while to find a job, qualify for social security or find a new place to live. Our placements are intended to be no longer than a small number of months. Hosts can specify the maximum time they are willing to host.

What if a guest turns out to be unsatisfactory?

It is possible that an incompatibility will develop. The referring person or organization and Safe Time will try to help work out any issues that arise. However, if a host decides to terminate the placement, we will work to find another host for the guest as soon as possible. Regardless, the host can, of course, give notice for the guest to leave.