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Please see our Sign Up page to volunteer as a host. For any other inquiries, contact us by email.

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Safe Time

Founded in 2017, Safe Time Home Sharing, Inc. is a nonprofit which supports college students experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness. Students should not have to choose between dropping out and homelessness. We match them with hosts with extra room in their homes. Hosts provide short-term housing while students find a longer-term housing solution.

The students are referred to us through student support offices of educational institutions in the East Bay. We screen both hosts and students, arrange meetings between applicants and our volunteer hosts to facilitate the placements. Throughout the stay, we follow up to ensure success.

In the Media


Help us recruit hosts via your networks and organizations. Safe Time would love to visit your block club, book group, political movement, faith community, or service organization and speak about the issue of college homelessness and the power of host homes.  Email us at christi@safetimehost.org.


To grow Safe Time and support our unhoused students, we are raising money.  Please donate!  The donate button at the top of the screen makes it easy.

Our Board

The Safe Time is a California nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our Board of Directors are:

  • Jennifer Ahn
  • Duana Brown
  • Jocelyn Gama Garcia (Secretary)
  • Veronica Garcia
  • Christi Carpenter (Executive Director and Board Chair)
  • Marc Tafolla (Vice Chair)