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Safe Time Home Sharing, Inc. is a California 501(c)3 nonprofit. We are a volunteer organization that recognizes the potential of human kindness and the space available in underutilized homes. We recruit volunteer hosts who will temporarily shelter low income individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis. The families are referred to us by schools, churches and individuals. We arrange meetings between applicants and our volunteer hosts to facilitate the placements, and we follow up to ensure success.

Safe Time was incorporated in 2017 and our first placement was in May, 2017. We placed 31 people in our first year of operations. The directors are Kenneth J. Berniker MD (retired ER physician and long term volunteer at Richmond Emergency Food Pantry), Christi Carpenter (middle school reading and science teacher), David Gerson (executive director of Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa County), Chuck Grant (president and board chair), Tina Hamilton (software marketing executive and director of Brightways Learning nonprofit), and Pat Jimenez (history teacher at El Cerrito High School). Our website design, development and maintenance is by

Our immediate goal for Safe Time is to help prevent the tragedy of homelessness in Contra Costa County and Alameda County including support of college students.

Press: Our media coverage includes this SF Chronicle article, this UC Berkeley news story, and this KCBS radio interview.

Volunteer: If you don’t have space in your home, you could spread the word to help us recruit hosts via Facebook, listserves, etc. Or, you could volunteer in other ways, we have lots to do, please email us. Also, we’d like to build an emergency support fund, so you could send a tax-deductible check made out to Safe Time Home Sharing, Inc., 18 Sunset Drive, Kensington CA 94707.

What Next?

Please see our Sign Up page to volunteer as a host. For any other inquiries, contact us by phone, email or via “Email Us” form found on this page. Thank you!






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